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About Conference

The International Conference on Recent Challenges in Engineering and Technology (ICRCET - 2020), which is scheduled to take place on the 29th - 30th December, 2020, will offer researchers, delegates and scholars an incredible chance to interact with each other and share their experience and knowledge of technology application.

ICRCET-20 will serve as an excellent international conference for intelligence sharing. The goal of the conference is to provide a stage for researchers and practitioners from academia and business to deal with state-of-the-art advancement in their respective fields. An inventor is a communications professional, involved with applying objective knowledge, science and resourcefulness to generate resolutions for technical, cultural and enterprise problems. Therefore, the ideal designer is a composite and must operate at the interface between art and culture.

The International Conference on Recent Challenges in Engineering and Technology (ICRCET - 2020) will offer participants to interact with industry experts on the recent challenges in scientific research and associated areas. Leading researchers will share their incredible research findings and tools that they use to achieve better results. This International Conference on Recent Challenges in Engineering and Technology is bound to generate a number of new ideas and experiences that participants, irrespective of who they are (Experienced scientists, seasoned professionals or young scholars at the early stages of their careers) can derive and make use of in some form of another, towards the advancement of their careers. For those looking to spread awareness of their incredible research findings and other work, they will also have the chance to present their papers and articles, or even make presentations.

Conference Objectives

We experience role of Engineering and Technology is vital, it is in our daily routine. From farming sector to Astronomy study and exploration we feel and relish the existence of Engineering and Technology.

ICRCET 2020 main focus to bring together all the stake holders involved and others related disciplines.

Increased developments and advancements need to broadcast to all and with the clear study to mitigate the factors which inhibits the growth.

Study and discuss the various multi-disciplinary researches done to accelerate the development towards Engineering and Technology.

Support and suggest the upcoming researchers to contribute and develop products, methods, process and more which can in turn bring benefits to all.

ICRCET 2020 conference will be a unique confluence of networking, recreation, education, and practice themed to bring global wellbeing.

ICRCET 2020 aimed to help business and technology experts cut through the excitement and learn how research idea successfully deployed to build competitive advantage, drive new business opportunities, reduce costs and accelerate innovation efforts.

ICRCET 2020 encourages all researchers (young and experienced) to make their research findings known to the world by submitting relevant research papers, irrespective of what specific field in Engineering and Technology, they specialize in. The authors of the best research papers will be awarded suitably.

ICRCET 2020 shares incredible opportunity to have their research findings published in top journals and publications recognized and trusted globally!

ICRCET 2020 provides perfect opportunities for collaboration and conducting further research across the world.