About Singapore

Singapore is a pioneering and compelling presence in the conference venue sector. The country offers all the essentials of a desirable host, such as an exceptional business environment, world-class amenities and infrastructure, expert services, exclusive event venues, and popular attractions, all in a single and robust research environment, unlike nowhere else.

Changi International Airport is only a few minutes away from the city. As a condensed city, it is convenient to wander around Singapore. Resorts, eateries, spectacles, shopping, and shows are conveniently centered in diverse areas, such as Changi, Orchard Road, Marina Bay, etc., and are easily approachable via the reliable public transport system of Singapore.

In addition its lively eateries, facilities, and entertainment options, Singapore houses many major attractions and a wide array of accommodation options for all budgets. The city is also an outstanding trade and telecommunications center in Asia. Owing to its vital position, it grants market access to billions of people within a seven hour flight radius. With flights from over four hundred cities, across hundred different countries and territories, Singapore is quickly accessible from all over the globe.